Hi, Ladies. Does your office have a dress code?

If your company has a code for what to wear at work, you won’t have the following problems: Correctly! When there is no dress code at work, it can be difficult to know what you can and cannot wear.

Yes, there are always certain boundaries in the office that you should never cross! Business, your fashion style must match the company’s image! Okay, you know the whole practice, but what happens when you try to express your femininity?

Is it okay to wear sexy clothes to work? 

Yes, even though this is a free country that supports freedom of thought and individual rights, this question always sinks! Should you go or not? Look at this! No company forbids female employees from dressing sexily!

Yes, as long as your expressions of femininity don’t overdo it and annoy your coworkers and clients! However, this line is also in a grey area. It depends on how people react and feel when facing someone in sexy clothes!

Correctly! Like it or not, sexy clothes get a lot of attention! You will make a fuss. Listen to this! The way you dress, intentionally or unintentionally, can lead to sexual harassment. You don’t want that to happen, do you?

You know you can express your rights as an individual by lowering your sexual gear! You can do this by wearing accessories and clothing that accentuate your figure’s strong points.

This way, you can get lots of compliments from your coworkers and friends instead of intentional sexual harassment. Correctly! It’s better than an untied shirt, spike heels, a micro miniskirt, and a chunky decollete blouse that reveals cleavage.

Just remember this! At work, you represent your company’s ideas, not your point of view. If you can keep your femininity in balance, you’ll be fine!